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Clarke Broome on the Slight Edge

One of Clark Broome’s favorite books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.  Having read it, I can understand why it’s on his top 10 list. What a powerful tool the concept of the slight edge can be… if you apply it.

What’s so fascinating about the book is that we have all experienced exactly what the book is talking about. It isn’t some new idea reaching out to you and trying to get you to radically change your thinking. Instead, it shares that each day we are doing a bunch of little things. In and of themselves, they don’t make a difference. But the compound effect of the slight edge is clear. View full article »


Some years ago, at a Team INA meeting, Clarke Broome  shared with me some thoughts and ideas about the use and value of tools. In particular, about tools for the Network Marketing business.  I was concerned about the cost of the tools and he clarified for me the true value of those tools.

“Tools are about leverage”  –Clarke Broome

The first person who thought that he could trade his product with folks from another town probably loaded up 50 pounds of stuff on his back and walked 20 miles. That same person, some years later, loaded up several hundred pounds on his wagon, hitched up his horses and while 20 miles was probably a reasonable distance, was able to trade a lot more stuff for the same effort.

Today, thousands of pounds of product are loaded into a container, hitched to a truck and that same person can travel several hundred miles in a day.

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